Photo by Jason Zucco

                  Photo by Jason Zucco

news - Nov. 9th, 2015

Once again, upstate New York proved to be quite beautiful at this time of year, even with most of the leaves down from the mighty trees.
I was making my usual twice-a-year trip to play at the Black Eyed Susan Acoustic Cafe out in Angelica, New York. I had brought my Canon A1 film camera with me, but only managed to snap off a handful of shots at several side-of-the-highway vistas. That is, I put on the blinker and get in the breakdown lane, roll down the window and snap a few shots and then it's back on the road again...

I had the good fortune of driving into the sun as it was being obscured by all kinds of loosely formed clouds which resulted in all different shades of orange, red, yellow, purple, and blue, if you looked hard enough...It was a beautiful day. And every once in a while, after that beautiful sight with all the different cloud colors, there would be a large, grey and ominous mass and the clouds would spit some rain at me, only to cease and go back to sunny skies after some minutes pass. It made me appreciate each thing. The duality of dark and light, good and evil, stormy and sunny, happy and sad. All meaning different things to everyone.

The show was very good, though attendance was easily counted on two hands. No toes were needed. Sometimes shows like that remind you of who you are, and you just own it and make the best of it, and most of the time it's a whole lot of fun. I really enjoyed myself, and the folks that were there, if you are reading this - thank you.

Album update: The cover art is being done by a really great artist, and will be an interpretation of a photo of me from a recent session and will be done in either oil paint or charcoal. I can't wait to see how it comes out! Mastering shall begin soon on the raw studio tracks, and the vinyl plant has been contacted. So in other words, my stress level has dropped considerably, and I am looking forward to getting this thing out there. Special guests on the recording include: Brian Coombes, Delanie Pickering, Jay Psaros, and Will Kindler - They all did fantastic work...

I also have a few other future projects up my sleeve and will roll those out when the time is right. Here's a glimpse:  an in-depth live album, and a book of fiction. More to come. Stay tuned.



Noteworthy Stuff...
-New album planned for release, Winter 2016
-Feature article in Howl Magazine 9.14.2015
-8/5/2015, opened for John Fullbright at Prescott Park Arts Festival, Portsmouth NH
-2014 Spotlight On The Arts Awards - Best Singer/Songwriter & Song Of The Year
-2015, Tristan Omand “Eleven Dark Horses” accepted to Pandora.
-Second album, ”Wandering Time” available on vinyl in black, gold, white.
-Featured on NHPR’s “Word Of Mouth” 2012

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