Tristan Omand


Blog posts by American singer/songwriter Tristan Omand, consisting of various short stories, poems, and other writings.

While working on a new song this morning, I had a memory come back to me from when I was around 8 or 9 years old...I was riding my bike down a hill from the baseball fields, and unbeknownst to me there were a few older kids at the base of the hill waiting for me, and when I made my way down rather fast, one of them stuck a big stick in the spokes of my rear tire trying to make me crash. Luckily, it was a rotted branch, and it broke and I just kept on riding. And to be honest I was probably scared shitless because they were a lot bigger than me. I can just remember wondering why someone would do something like that...Well, I just worked that memory into a song, so thank you douche bag strangers from my youth...

"Living ain't hard
if you know a few jokes,
But every once in a while,
you get a stick in the spokes"


Tristan Omand