"His music recalls the intimate, working-class aesthetic of the folk artists of the ’50s and ’60s. His intricate, finger-picked melodies and chord progressions echo the emotional folk and outlaw country of idols Hank Williams Sr. and Johnny Cash."   -  Austin Sorette, The Sound 4.13.16

the next gig...

Saturday, May 27, 2017
BACON FEST 2017 @ The North Buick Lounge
North Berwick, Maine

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booking: tristanomand(@)gmail(dot)com

daily news, May 24th 2017

I was renewed in my artistic vigor lately upon a visit to the Jackson Pollock-Lee Krasner house in East Hampton, NY. Highly recommended. That is, if you are keen on Jackson's mind-bending art. Some people don't dig on it, but I do. A whole helluva lot. I tried to drink it all in, and to harvest whatever vibes I could. We also stopped by Teddy Roosevelt's summer home, which was quite elegant and had an expected array of game trophies adorning the walls. It was a fun trip, and a pilgrimage of sorts that my love and I went on that I'll treasure in mind for as long as I'm able to remember. 

What else is new, you ask? Well, I had the honor of being awarded Best Singer-Songwriter, and Song Of The Year (for "Old Straight Six") at the Spotlight Awards 2016 (Full name: Spotlight On The Arts Awards). I know, it's 2017 and the awards show was for 2016, but the way the kind folks at Spotlight do it, they look back on the previous year and reflect upon it with awards and recognition. I was among creative giants that evening last week at the Seacoast Reparatory Theater where the awards ceremony was held, and it felt so good. To even be nominated is exciting and compelling, but to be considered a victor in those categories is a humbling prospect. Thank you. 

The next gig for me is Bacon Fest 2017 in North Berwick Maine, which is currently sold-out. I am continuing work on the live album, and hope to have a release date to announce very soon as well as a pre-order link. Thank you for checking in, and for being interested in my whereabouts, as sparse as they may seem at this time. 


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A Gig Story, by Tristan Omand

My anticipation of the evening of September 24th 2016 was building like a tiny fire in the pit of my stomach as I found myself pacing around the yard of the North Buick Lounge, listening to the party sounds inside the barn, and looking up at a star-filled sky, trying to get my head straight and visualize putting on a good show. Man, this stuff isn't easy. Most of life is a blur, right up until that moment when I am on stage behind a microphone, with my guitar, playing my songs. Is that weakness, or am I just limiting myself? I'm happy doing other things too, but man, waiting in line at the bank...I'm awkward as hell. I can't sort out my insurance to save my life, but give me a guitar, and maybe a stage to play it on, and I'm in my own little world where I make all the rules and everything makes sense.

Finally, it was about fifteen minutes until I was to start my set, up there in North Berwick Maine. The energy in the barn that evening was strong, and the two opening acts were killer. Ten minutes in, and my heartbeat is approaching hummingbird territory, and I find myself stretching out here and there as if I'm some kind of athlete. A few knuckle cracks, leg stretches, and a "You can fuckin' do this, you've done it hundreds of times!" Five minutes until gig time, and I am on stage getting my equipment straight and the guitar in tune, going over a skeletal set list in my mind. I knew the first tune I would do, "Somewhere Between India & Idaho" and had a rough idea of a few others I wanted to play, but other than that it was a shoot-from-the-hip and read-the-audience kind of night.

A sweet introduction from Marty, and the set begins. I start riffing and trying to get into the music and make it the only thing that matters. "Don't look around the room," I think to myself. "You might see something or someone, and it will make your mind skip and take total control away from the music. Oh man, the monitors are just right, and my amp that I brought is just kickin' and perfect and clean." The crowd was electric, and I felt like some sort of classic stage performer. Like I was carrying some sort of torch. A lot of times I discredit myself, and I gotta work on the self-esteem thing like anyone else, but in that moment I felt pretty damn good.

Songs just come out of me, one after another, and I keep my eyes closed, almost imagining that I am hovering above myself, listening in awe at how I was singing. It was coming from somewhere deep, where thinking has no place, and subconscious takes over...That had never happened before. Maybe a Zen master would classify that experience as something or other, but I gotta tell you, it felt magical. I had gotten right to the bone of it. All the gigs, the chords, riffs, cables, lyrics, records, EVERYTHING. I got right back to the beginning, and to what truly matters: being inspired by the music. Thank you to Martin England and Jen England, Continuum Arts Collective, North Buick Lounge, and all the kind people who attended the gig. It was one for the record books, and in my top-five for sure.

© 2017 Tristan Omand