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The Yamaha

It was a Sunday afternoon just a few years ago now. The flea market was winding down, and Danielle and I had made our way through the whole thing, zigzagging through the aisles and gazing at all the junk. From about twenty feet away, I spotted the head-stock of an acoustic guitar sticking up in the air and my heart began to race and I blurted out "An old Yamaha!" I dashed to the table and grabbed the guitar and began inspecting all the neglect it had been subjected to over the years. A split rosewood bridge, worn out frets, junked up and broken tuners, and the whole thing, I mean the WHOLE thing was covered in some kind of shellac. It was truly from the island of misfit guitars...

I waited for the merchant to return to his booth, and upon his return he told me it was "$25 with the case!" Immediately, I knew this guitar was going home with me. I couldn't resist..."$20 without the case," I shot back with a smile. "OK, how about $23 - and take the damn case!" A handshake sealed the deal, and away I went with this beaten old FG-110 Yamaha, from some time in the 70's, made my a skilled craftsman in Japan. Most certainly based off of some old Martin design. All solid wood. Since then, I have glued the bridge, replaced the frets and removed all the shellac-type-stuff, drilled out the headstock and added modern tuners, carved a new bone nut and saddle. Still needs a neck reset, but it's got mojo for days. This is one I will keep.

Tristan Omand