Tristan Omand


Blog posts by American singer/songwriter Tristan Omand, consisting of various short stories, poems, and other writings.

The Bar-Room Singer

The bar-room singer notices many things while in his corner of the bar plying his trade: casual butt grabs by significant or not-so-significant others, office workers three beers deep, acting like Dockers-clad Vikings. The hardworking waitstaff putting up with these aforementioned characters. Three 45 minute sets with a few breaks.

And finally, the end of the night comes and the guitar goes back in it's coffin. Cables are wound over-under, over-under, and speakers are packed up. The singer loads his tools and collects his bounty from the bar manager, and off he goes down the road. With sore fingertips and tired ears, and a long drive to reflect on just how lucky he is...One down, a lifetime to go.

Tristan Omand